[mod_python] Silly question about linking to libpython.a orlibpython.so

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Tue Feb 28 16:30:26 EST 2006

Jesus Cea wrote ..
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> I'm a old timer 2.7.* happy user. Today I'm updating Apache to 2.2.0
> (too bad that last mod_python doesn't work with it out of the box :-)
> and mod_python 3.2.8.
> I beg your pardon but, why is mod_python linking with the static python
> library instead of the dynamic one?. The resulting library size is 10%
> and DSO sharing between processes is improved. Moreover, any fix in core
> python will be in mod_python automagically.
> I guess I'm missing something, but I don't get it :). Any suggestion?.

This has been requested before.


The problem is coming up with a change that is going to work properly
on all platforms. The Win32 and Mac OS X platforms are somewhat
different to Linux/UNIX systems in respect of where/how the Python library
being linked to is constructed.

If you can come up with suggested changes that would work in your case,
but would degrade gracefully to the current way things are done, then
by all means contribute them by attaching then to the JIRA issue referenced
above and they can be considered.

If an ability to use a shared library is provided though, it possibly should
be optional based on an option to configure.


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