[mod_python] psp include syntax

Emlyn Jones emlynj at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 08:51:08 EST 2006

I've written a web app which uses mod_python on Apache. I now need to
make it work using Python/ASP and IIS (using Mr Hammonds excellent
Python Win32 package) so I've wrapped everything up into a
ServerObject hiding the underlying implementation and making my pages
"pure" python. The only remaining problem is including other files. As
you know the include directive for mod_python is this:

<%@ include file="scriptheader.asp"%>

Where as for IIS/ASP it is this:

<!--#include file ="scriptheader.asp"-->

IIS barfs at the mod_python syntax and mod_python ignores the IIS
syntax. Other than hacking the mod_python source code, can anybody
think of a nifty way to make the includes work on either platform?
(I realise this may be an impossible dream, but you never know).


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