[mod_python] mod_python.so: No such file: No such file or directory

Anders.Strandberg at tietoenator.com Anders.Strandberg at tietoenator.com
Fri Feb 24 06:25:31 EST 2006


I have problems building mod_python 3.2.7 on SLES 9 ( Solaris 8 and
Solaris 9 is OK) with apache-2.0.54+ Python-version is 2.3.3. The make
does not produce mod_python.so , there is no trace of it. Found in the
FAQ a somewhat related issue which stated  that this could be a
libtool-problem (old libtool-version supplied with apache-2.043) see
http://www.modpython.org/FAQ/faqw.py?req=show&file=faq04.001.htp, but
our libtool is 1.4.3 which is > 1.4.2. In fact, in my case  the make
does not come to completion at all.  

However there are complaints about _POSIX_C_SOURCE redefined, but I
don't know if that is related to this  at all.

Is there anobody who has a lead on this ?


/app/apr/0.9.5/share/build/libtool --silent --mode=link
i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc -o mod_python.la  -rpath
/app/apache/2.0.54/modules -module -avoid-version    hlistobject.lo
hlist.lo filterobject.lo connobject.lo serverobject.lo util.lo
tableobject.lo requestobject.lo _apachemodule.lo mod_python.lo
-L/app/gcc/3.3.4/lib -L/app/libtool/1.5.18/lib -L/app/libiconv/1.9.1/lib
-L/app/gettext/ -L/app/flex/2.5.4a/lib
-L/app/expat/1.95.8/lib -L/app/apr-util/0.9.5/lib -L/app/apr/0.9.5/lib
-L/app/Python/2.3.3/lib/python2.3/config -Xlinker -export-dynamic
-L/app/gcc/3.3.4/lib -L/app/zlib/1.2.1/lib -L/app/tk/8.4.5/lib
-L/app/tcl/8.4.5/lib -L/app/readline/4.3/lib -L/app/openssl/0.9.7c/lib
-L/app/ncurses/5.2/lib -L/app/gmp/4.1.2/lib -L/app/gdbm/1.8.3/lib
-L/app/expect/5.39.0/lib -L/app/expat/1.95.5/lib -L/app/db/3.3.11/lib
-L/usr/X11R6/lib -Wl,--rpath -lm -lpython2.3 -lpthread -ldl -lutil -lm
/usr/bin/ld: mod_python.so: No such file: No such file or directory
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
apxs:Error: Command failed with rc=65536
make[1]: *** [mod_python.so] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/var/tmp/BUILD/mod_python-3.2.7/src'
make: *** [do_dso] Error 2
error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpmbuild.13200/rpm-tmp.94484

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