[mod_python] Re: more callable__auth__

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Thu Feb 23 18:31:26 EST 2006

Still generally prefer it to be on the mailing list as other people can
learn from it and it is in the mailing list archive as well, so people
down the track may find it as well and it may solve a problem for
them also.

One more question. What URLs are you using to access the resources
so I can relate that properly to the Apache configuration and the
published functions in the file?


Robert Thomas Davis wrote ..
> Hell graham
> I really appreciate your help with this...and since
> you have been the only one responding I thought I
> might as well just mail you the files in question
> (index.py and httpd.conf, attached as a .tgz)
> The file index.py would normally live in the
> directory:
> /usr/local/lap/http/
> Based on your last reply I am wondering if it is my
> httpd.conf file that is setup incorrectly (i do not
> get the 500 error at all).  When the enclosed code
> gets executed it appears as though it skips right over
> the nested __auth__ fuction.  However, if that
> function is moved to the module scope (index.py) it
> always gets called and subsequently calls the
> validate_users function.
> Again...your help is much appreciated.
> Rob

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