[mod_python] shared memory and module import problems

Jim Gallacher jpg at jgassociates.ca
Tue Feb 21 16:19:25 EST 2006

Kevin J. Smith wrote:
> This certainly makes sense within the prefork model.  I am not sure why it
> wouldn't work for worker threads because in my mind they should be sharing
> the same memory? 

Not quite. Think of worker-mpm as a prefork/threaded hybrid. With the 
worker-mpm, you can still have multiple apache child processes (similar 
to prefork), but each child process has multiple threads (similar to 
threaded-mpm). Depending on your perspective, worker-mpm either gives 
you the best or the worst of both worlds. With worker-mpm, you still end 
up with multiple copies of the python interpreter and data, just not as 
many as with prefork.

One of the challenges of working with mod_python is adapting your 
knowledge of python to the somewhat strange world of python inside 
Apache. And of course the physics of that world will change depending on 
which mpm you are using. :)


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