[mod_python] shared memory and module import problems

Nicolas Lehuen nicolas at lehuen.com
Tue Feb 21 10:11:21 EST 2006

Hi Kevin,

1) Please give us your full configuration : OS, Python version, Apache
version and the MPM you use. Your problem may be related to the fact
that you are using a forking MPM.

2) Are you sure your module is continually reimported ? Do you see
traces in the error log about that ? Your problem may be related to a
bug in your cache code.

3) If you want to re-use the importing mechanism that
mod_python.publisher uses, you can have a look at the ModuleCache
class found in mod_python/cache.py. Moreover, this package can be
re-used for all kind of caching issues (see the source code).


2006/2/21, Kevin J. Smith <hockeysk8 at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I have a page controller that all handlers import with "from
> myapp.gui.pagecontroller import PageController".  Each handler is a class
> derived from the PageController.
> In the page controller, I have attempted to set up a shared memory cache for
> all the controllers with code very similar to the following:
> #...
> import threading
> CACHE_LOCK = threading.Lock()
> cache = {}
> def _fillCache():
>     cache['one'] = '1'
>     cache['two'] = '2'
> class PageController:
> # ...
>     def __init__(self):
>         #....
>         if not len(cache.keys()):
>             CACHE_LOCK.acquire()
>             _fillCache()
>             CACHE_LOCK.release()
>         #...
> However, I have discovered that this module is continually reimported
> because it ALWAYS calls the _fillCache() function despite all the handlers
> running within the same interpreter.
> I have upgraded to mod_python 3.2.7 noticing that in the change log there is
> a lot about fixing module import problems but my app is still behaving the
> same way.
> The flow of my app is that all requests are handled by a frontController
> handler (this is explicitly set in the httpd config) which, after checking
> the session and authentication and what-not and based on the request path,
> forwards the request onto one of my pageController handlers via
> util.redirect().  If I have followed Graham's notes about module importing
> correctly, the frontController and pageController classes would be imported
> via import_module() whereas the actual pageController module is imported via
> the regular python import mechanism.
> I have spent some time reading about the various "uniquenesses" of module
> importing within mod_python but it hurt my head slightly and I didn't know
> if most of it reflected the state of affairs in version 3.2.7.  From reading
> Graham's page I don't believe I should have a problem with the
> PageController handler continually being reimported but it certainly appears
> to be doing just that.
> Can someone shed some light on what I may be doing wrong or a possible
> solution to setting up a shared cache within an interpreter?  I know that if
> I run similar code outside of mod_python my cache design works fine.
> Cheers
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