[mod_python] Apache crashing

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Sun Feb 19 14:45:18 EST 2006

Suggested change is described in JIRA issue.


Quoting the page:

To avoid the problem, the only choice seems to be avoid calling  
Py_Finalize() from the signal handler. The simplistic way of doing  
this seems to be to add:

      if (child_init_pool)
          return APR_SUCCESS;

at the start of python_finalize(). This will mean that Py_Finalize()  
is never called in child processes.


On 20/02/2006, at 5:42 AM, Dan Eloff wrote:

> I've been debugging a major overhaul to my handler, and this has  
> required constant restarting of apache.
> That's fine, I set up a hot key to do that. The only problem is it  
> crashes every time it shuts down (I explained the issue in an  
> earlier message) Graham said that it probably has something to do  
> with calling PyFinalize() in an bad place (may not be his exact  
> words...)
> Has this been resolved with the latest mod_python? If not how can I  
> help fix it? I just can't stand sitting through anymore of these  
> crashes, I've got to do something.
> Thanks,
> -Dan
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