[mod_python] One Interpreter for All Requests?

Alexis Marrero amarrero at mitre.org
Fri Feb 17 12:58:47 EST 2006


As I'm testing my application doing multiple requests that are CPU  
and IO intensive I'm noticing that only one request is handled at a  

My mod_python configuration looks like this:

Pythonimport server core.mitre.org
<VirtualHost example.mitre.org:1973>
     Alias / "/Users/amarrero/djp/server/webapp/"
     PythonInterpreter core.mitre.org
     <Directory "/Users/amarrero/djp/server/webapp/">

       SetHandler python-program
       PythonHandler index
       PythonPath "sys.path + ['/Users/amarrero/djp/server/webapp/']"
       PythonDebug On


There is only one handler for all requests made to http:// 

Is there a way of forcing that each request executes in a new  
interpreter? There are directories in this application all requests  
don't matter how they look / or /index.py or /foo.py or /bar.py goes  
to the same handler per directive,       PythonHandler index.

Any tricks?


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