[mod_python] setting apache variables from mod_python

matthew.garman at gmail.com matthew.garman at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 17:48:47 EST 2006

I'm looking to use mod_python to set some apache variables that can
be read from PHP's $_SERVER variable.  I'm not sure how to do this
in mod_python (I'm sure it's documented, but I don't know what to
look for); I also don't know how to invoke such a beast from within
a PHP script.

Long background: I'm developing a PHP web application.  The
application will need to interact with a proprietary apache module.
This apache module has not been built for my development

However, the functionality of this module is also available via web
services (SOAP).  The version of PHP I'm using doesn't have SOAP
support, and I don't want to upgrade.

So my thought is that I can use mod_python to create a quick'n'dirty
hack that would simulate the behavior of that module.

One of the things that module does is set some apache variables (and
I use the term "apache variables" without really understanding what
it means; it is data that can be accessed in PHP via the $_SERVER[]
variable).  My question, therefore, is: how do I set these apache
variables in mod_python?

Any finally, how would I go about "embedding" this hack in my PHP
script?  That's probably more of a PHP-specific question, but what
is the general term for "embedding" scripts or functionality within

Is it obvious yet that I'm not too versed in the underpinnings of
HTML?  :)

Thank you,

Matt Garman
email at: http://raw-sewage.net/index.php?file=email

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