[mod_python] Problem with PSP and unicode

Nick nick at dd.revealed.net
Thu Feb 16 15:02:35 EST 2006

Nicolas Lehuen wrote:
> If it were up to me, I would reimplement it in pure Python, and I
> don't think the performance loss would be so big. Granted, compilation
> would be a little slower, but once the PSP is compiled, performance
> should be exactly the same - and implementing a compiler cache is
> extremely easy. Plus, the code being more easy to maintain, we could
> easily optimize it. Call it "doing it the PyPy way" if you like ;).

The original PSE parser I did worked very similar to PSP.  I used HTMLParser
in the standard lib to do it.  However, it was different in that it was not
PHP/ASP-ish where code could just be stuck anywhere; it had to be parsable
HTML.  But I suspect you could just use a regular expression to do what the
PSP parser does.


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