[mod_python] WSGI gateway for mod_python

Robert Brewer fumanchu at amor.org
Sat Feb 11 00:55:02 EST 2006

Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> > http://projects.amor.org/misc/wiki/ModPythonGateway
> 1. The global "_counter" variable used by the profile()
> function is not used in a thread safe way, so could screw
> up on multithreaded MPM.

No problem; that function was something of a holdover from the earliest versions, anyway. I'll just take it out.

> 2. The whole "import" Python option thing is not required
> as there are other better ways of doing that with mod_python.
> For example:
>      PythonFixupHandler myapp.cherrypy::startapp

Oooo, very nice. OK, "import" is gone now too.

Thanks for the help!

Robert Brewer
System Architect
Amor Ministries
fumanchu at amor.org
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