[mod_python] How to handle memcached connections?

Jon-Pierre Gentil jgentil at sebistar.net
Wed Feb 8 00:22:46 EST 2006

On Tuesday 07 February 2006 14:20, Sebastjan Trepca wrote:

> I'm using memcache to store sessions in it. For now I create a new
> connection for each request which is quite inefficient. I'm using
> apache2-worker and I tried to store a connection as a global variable
> of a module. It worked as long as there were only one conccurent user
> on the site. When there were more the sessions started to mix, so one
> user got a session of the other etc. Of course I forgot about the
> thread thingy :)

Is it really that inefficient?  Have you done any stress testing or 
profiling to determine that?  A lot of web applications make a new 
connection to RDBMS databases on each page load, so I can't imagine that 
connecting to a memcache each time is terribly slow or strenuous.


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