[mod_python] Which hadler to use

Maksim Kasimov maksim.kasimov at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 07:27:56 EST 2006


i have similar problem as was posted earlier "Protecting Image-Directory's with PythonAccessHandler" - i need to allow users to load content (images, audio, games ...)

doing that, i make the decision using information stored in Request object (headers: User-Agent, client IP and some prameters in query string).

For example, url can looks like this:
          (1234567890 - is the key, that must be converted to an actual file name if it's allowed)

all information that needed, available from all handlers - as i can see, Request do not mutate when passing through all handlers (i might be wrong)

my question is: which handler to use( PythonInitHandler, PythonPostReadRequestHandler, PythonHeaderParserHandler, PythonTransHandler or PythonAccessHandler as was mentioned in "Protecting Image-Directory's with PythonAccessHandler" thread) ?

Are there some rules on how to correctly choose Python*Handler (at least in my case)?

thanks for any help.


Maksim Kasimov

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