[mod_python] Input filter

export at hope.cz export at hope.cz
Tue Dec 26 06:14:22 EST 2006

Thank you for your reply.
I downloaded Tramline,
but it says:

* You tend to need mod_proxy installed to proxy requests that come
  into Apache into your underlying appserver. It also works with
  mod_rewrite if you use proxying mode for this ([P]).

Must I really have mod_proxy installed?

And how can  I check that the file being uploaded( via inputfilter)  is being saved on hard disk 
directly  and not to memory.
Thank you for help


> > Can anyone give me an example of an Input filter?
> > I would like to check if a  file being uploaded is large and if so,  
> > I would like to write the file
> > directly on hard disk not to memory.
> Did you look at Tramline as I suggested the last time you asked about
> file uploads?
> Tramline is an input filter and also seeks to solve the problem of how
> to handle large file uploads.
> The URL for Tramline is:
>    http://www.infrae.com/download/tramline
> Just because Tramline is intended more for cases where Apache is
> front ending a backend application doesn't mean it isn't a valid example
> of input filters, you would just need to adapt the ideas to your needs.
> Graham

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