[mod_python] focus on shared hosting?

Jeff Hinrichs - DM&T jeffh at dundeemt.com
Fri Dec 22 19:15:48 EST 2006

> > I've come to accept that the sweet spot for mod_python is somewhat
> > higher up the food chain from cheap shared hosting. Mod_python will come
> > into it's own as server virtualization becomes the rule for website
> hosting.
> >
> I'm finding this to be true.  Unable to afford a dedicated server or find
> any support among the cheapest shared servers I've pretty much settled on
> trying a virtual dedicated server.  This isn't meant to be an advertisement
> but  $30/month U.S. at GoDaddy is probably cheap enough for much of the
> mainstream developers to handle especially since it supposedly comes with
> full control to host multiple website, etc.  The only problem is that
> setting it up may be a challenge but a screencast could help with that as
> well.

That is part of the issue that needs to be addressed.  Python is an
excellent tool for web development.  However, there is a chicken and
egg problem.  Developers won't use it if it's not an option on their
shared host, and those hosts won't implement it until there are enough
people asking for it.  Even with virtual hosts -- someone has to admin
it, and most will use it as their own shared host for their clients.
And they will have the same needs, they might not even be real
developers -- right now, writing an app like wordpress in python is
not competitive with with wordpress and php. (not it terms of
development but distribution) php is everywhere - non-developers are
using it via a control panel to install php applications like
wordpress.  I want python webapps(TG, Django, Pylons, et al) to be
used/installed by the masses, currently they are only available to
people who know how to develop python apps and are also sysadmin

Maybe Graham's idea is the way to go. mod_wsgi -- I do know that if I
had to bet on who could/would do it, I'd put my money on the
mod_python developers.  I can't think of anyone else who has more
experience or knowledge on the internals and architecture of that
layer.  If the chicken and egg conundrum is to be resolved in a timely
fashion and joe and susie blogger are going to be able to install my
hypothetical pythonpress blog app on their BigName shared hosting
company site we need developers like Graham, Jim and the rest of the
mp devs to help get us there.

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