[mod_python] focus on shared hosting?

Erik Thompson mrlobster99 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 17:43:45 EST 2006

I've come to accept that the sweet spot for mod_python is somewhat
> higher up the food chain from cheap shared hosting. Mod_python will come
> into it's own as server virtualization becomes the rule for website
> hosting.

I'm finding this to be true.  Unable to afford a dedicated server or find
any support among the cheapest shared servers I've pretty much settled on
trying a virtual dedicated server.  This isn't meant to be an advertisement
but  $30/month U.S. at GoDaddy is probably cheap enough for much of the
mainstream developers to handle especially since it supposedly comes with
full control to host multiple website, etc.  The only problem is that
setting it up may be a challenge but a screencast could help with that as
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