[mod_python] focus on shared hosting?

Anthony anthonybaby at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 17:37:31 EST 2006

> > Comments on this part of my plans for global domination most welcome.

Just watched Vincent Price and Frankie Avalon in "Dr. Goldfoot" As for
global domination, it's probably best not to rely on an army of gold
bikini-clad robotic women.

> Wow, what a good idea. (both mod_wsgi and world domination). Mod_wsgi
> could pretty much be the mod_python-lite that Anthony spoke of earlier.
> Could mod_python be made forward compatible with mod_wsgi? That way a
> could site start with mod_wsgi but then easily switch to mod_python if
> its additional features where required.

I agree. mod_wsgi is something I could really use right now, and I
think it could be that mod_python lite I've wanted. I haven't needed
the full feature set of mod_python in a while now, and I bet what most
people asking for mod_python on shared hosts want is just a better
model for using python than CGI or FastCGI. Speaking of which, if any
of you have gotten python on FastCGI and Apache (shared host,
.htaccess), I'd appreciate a follow-up in email explaining how you did


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