[mod_python] How to deal with old cached data showing?

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Mon Dec 18 23:41:15 EST 2006

Francisco Reyes wrote ..
> Graham Dumpleton writes:
> > With versions of mod_python prior to 3.3, not without using some third
> > party packages which implement alternate module loading systems for
> > mod_python.
> Do you know of any such package?

I do, but with 3.3 just about being available, I would suggest using 3.3 instead
purely to avoid wasting any effort in converting your code to work.

> Even though it is slower, would it be safer for now to use CGI instead
> of mod_python then?

Again, probably just a waste of your effort in converting at this point.

> > The tar ball for a wider 3.3 beta release exists. That I know of there
> is still
> > only one person within core developers who can do the actual release
> Has anyone asked this person when he plans to release the wider 3.3 beta?
> If  it was voted that it is good to go, what could be the reason to postpone
> release?

The person has been quite busy of late and is not active in actually working
on mod_python.  Some times it takes some time to get their attention. To be
fare, it just may not be obvious from emails going back and forth that we
want to progress with getting it released as there possibly hasn't been a
concrete statement to that effect yet nor a move to prepare a release
announcement. I have myself sort of been off busy on other things over the
last couple of weeks so haven't been paying attention too much and have
only been scanning mails quickly and not necessarily reading them all
properly, only last day or so that have had a chance to start reading email
again properly.

> I am somewhat new to Python and very new to mod_python. Finding problems
> like the cache problem and then reading the list of prolblems at 
> "Module Importing Is Broken" makes me wonder if I should use it for 
> production. Is mod_python 2.7.11 more stable?

If not using 3.3, you want to at least use 3.2.10 and if you are using the
mod_python.publisher handler, 3.2.10 does address some of the importer

That all said, the prospective 3.3.0b tar ball is available for now from:


if you want to build it yourself and try it. Don't see this as any sort of
blessed official release at this point, but as a development snapshot and
it may disappear at any time. It was only put there to allow people on the
mod_python developers list to do some testing before any prospective


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