[mod_python] installing mod python

Bowles, Karl M karl.m.bowles at lmco.com
Fri Dec 8 13:09:57 EST 2006

I have Python 2.5 installed on my pc and apache tomcat 5.5. I tried
running the msl script from the apache web site to install the
mod_python software and no matter what version of the install script I
try to use it won't install because python 2.x ( where x is always less
than 5). Does this mean I have to uninstall Python 2.5 and use 2.4? Is
there a way to install the mod and still use 2.5? For instance, I
noticed in the directory trees there were files that looked like just
the module, not associated with an installation script. Could I just
download that and tell apache about it? I really need this asap for an
evaluation I am doing.


Mac Bowles

Embedded Software Engineer, Staff



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