[mod_python] Re: Error starting apache service after installingmod_python

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Thu Dec 7 18:42:01 EST 2006

Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> Sorry, don't how on Windows to tell which version of Apache you are running.
Easiest way is to hover on the Apache system tray icon and left-click. 
You will see either or both of "Apache 2" and "Apache 2.2" - they can 
co-exist on a Windows system, though obviously if you run them both you 
have to avoid port conflicts.

> If that doesn't help, will have to let some people who do know something
> about Windows comment. I am only regurgitating previous suggestions
> from past mailing list posts.
I'd suggest it's likely to be a permissions problem. You could check it 
by writing a simple Python CGI to try and read the module file - at 
least that will tell you whether you can read it. I'm not sure whether 
module files require execute permission as well.

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