[mod_python] mod python PSP and UTF 8 encoded libraries

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Thu Dec 7 16:02:00 EST 2006

durumdara wrote ..
> Hi !
> I use Pyscripter and Pspad for editing sources.
> The Pyscripter have many good functions, but it have a very ugly 
> property: it changes all of non-ascii chars in the source (in background).
> So when I put a special char in the source, it was replaced to "?".
> The author of this good program said that I can use utf-8 encoding.
> Ok, this is solution (I thought) and then I save my every library in 
> UTF-8 encoding.
> But next I got many errors, because psp cannot handle the shared lib 
> files when they are encoded in utf.
> Can psp use these libs in utf mode, or I need to "downgrade" them to 
> iso-8859-2?

I can't remember the outcome, but read:


There have been numerous posts about PSP and Unicode before on the
mailing list. You also might search for PSP and UTF together as well.


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