[mod_python] note to mod_python wiki contributors

Jim Gallacher jpg at jgassociates.ca
Fri Dec 1 22:59:09 EST 2006


If you are planning on getting involved in adding content to the wiki 
(or have already started!) you might want to consider joining the 
developer's mailing list. Subscription information can be found on the 
wiki: http://wiki.apache.org/mod_python/Mailing_lists

It's still early in the evolution of our wiki and I suspect that we'll 
have some policy and style issues to discuss. I think such discussions 
are more appropriate to the python-dev list rather than the user list.

Also wiki change notifications sent to python-cvs have python-dev as the 
Reply-To address. Being on the python-dev list will make it easier to 
get feedback to you, the author.

I must say I'm feeling quite energized by what I've seen so far. Heck, I 
might even bang out a couple of pages myself this weekend. :)


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