[mod_python] python path and 3.3

Jim Gallacher jpg at jgassociates.ca
Fri Dec 1 11:09:06 EST 2006

Clodoaldo wrote:
> 2006/12/1, Graham Dumpleton <grahamd at dscpl.com.au>:
>> The third option is to not use a package. If you created the package 
>> merely
>> out of convenience to provide a namespace for the modules, this should
>> be okay. Thus, remove the empty __init__.py file so that it isn't 
>> actually a
>> package anymore. Then, change:
>>   from lib import HTMLBuilder
>> to:
>>   from mod_python import apache
>>   HTMLBuilder = apache.import_module('~/lib/HTMLBuilder.py')
>> This is using the mod_python module importer directly to import the 
>> module
>> by path. The '~/' prefix to the path is special and is understood by the
>> module importer to be the directory that the active Python*Handler 
>> directive
>> was specified for.
>> A fourth option is to again remove the package __init__.py file so it 
>> isn't
>> really a package anymore, but also move the directory to somewhere 
>> outside
>> of the document tree. In order to find the modules though, the PythonPath
>> directive is NOT used and instead the new module importers own search
>> path is set. For example:
>>   PythonOption mod_python.importer.path "['/some/path/lib']"
>> The module importer path SHOULD NOT mention sys.path, it should instead
>> be a distinct list of directories where only the new module importer 
>> will look.
>> Because the 'lib' directory is include and the contents of the 
>> directory will be
>> searched, can just say:
>>   import HTMLBuilder
>> If for some reason you wanted to do it this way, but not move the 
>> directory
>> outside of the document tree, you could also say:
>>   PythonOption mod_python.importer.path "['~/lib']"
>> Here the '~/' prefix is again used so you don't have to have an 
>> absolute path.
>> When used it will be expanded to the directory the handler was 
>> specified for.
>> Anyway, hope I haven't confused you too much.
> Your message is not confusing. It came in a good time and it clears
> some confusion i had. But something is not working for me. Using
> mod_python 3.3 in FC6.
> I'm trying to import a module with both the third and fourth
> techniques you described but I'm having errors.
> This is the Virtual host config:
>    ServerName carconsumption.s0
>    DocumentRoot /var/www/html/carconsumption.com
>    SetHandler mod_python
>    PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
>    PythonDebug On
>    PythonOption mod_python.importer.path "['~/mod']"
>    PythonImport db_connection carconsumption.s0
> The module "constants" is in the mod directory under the document root:
> [cpn at s0 mod]$ pwd
> /var/www/html/carconsumption.com/mod
> [cpn at s0 mod]$ ll constants.py
> -rwxr----- 1 cpn apache 28675 Nov 29 17:42 constants.py
        possible permission problem - apache can't read this file unless 
your apache process is running as user cpn.

> [cpn at s0 mod]$ ll -d ../mod
> drwxrws--- 2 cpn apache 4096 Dec  1 12:26 ../mod

> ImportError: No module named ~/mod/constants.py

Which makes sense - if apache can't read it, mod_python can't import it.


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