[mod_python] Re: PythonAutoReload problem?

viktor vraniak tyctor at post.cz
Fri Aug 25 05:08:25 EDT 2006

>> hallo
>> i am using mod_python, for a short time.
>> i found out that if i made some changes in script sometimes changes doesn't
>> show, i see only old version of script...
>> is there any problem with PythonAutoReload directive?
>> in my httpd.conf i have it explicitly set to "On"
>> my httpd.conf:
>> SetHandler mod_python
>> PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
>> PythonEnablePdb Off
>> PythonDebug On
>> PythonOption session "DbmSession"
>> PythonAutoReload On
>> mod_python version 3.2.10
>> apache version 2.0.58
>> thanks for any answer

>There are known issues with module importing in the version you are using.

>  http://www.dscpl.com.au/articles/modpython-003.html

>The bulk of the problems are addressed in 3.3, which at this point you can
>only get by using the development version of 3.3 out of the subversion


thaks very much for answer.
i'd ask how stable is CVS version?


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