[mod_python] Re: templates in stead of PSP

Paul Everitt paul at zeapartners.org
Mon Aug 21 09:36:19 EDT 2006

Jim Gallacher wrote:
> Julien Cigar wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I suggest simpleTAL, it's a port or ZPT which doesn't require Zope.
>> It's quite fast (especially compared to Kid), and much more powerful
>> than Kid. Despite the fact that I don't like Zope, I must admit that
>> their template language is interesting. I especially like the concept of
>> "slots", which allow to split up and reuse templates in a very elegant
>> manner.
>> I haven't looked at the i18n support yet, but I *think* that simpleTAL
>> supports the i18n tags ..
> It is also possible to use the ZPT from Zope3 separately from Zope as
> well. I haven't done much beyond a little experimentation and that was
> some time ago. You'll need to google to find more information. I did
> find it to be  much slower than PSP (by a factor of 10??? - fuzzy memory).

Note: this is only for those interested in using ZPT "standalone".

Shane Hathaway has a nice article describing how to use ZPT outside of 
Zope 3 (and thus, all the dependencies):


I used this to freeze ZPT into a PyObjC py2app application.  Worked 
really well.


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