[mod_python] Adding the current directory to the import path

Max Luebbe max.luebbe at gmail.com
Sat Aug 19 03:45:46 EDT 2006

I've been having a problem in mod_python with importing modules that I
have written that aren't in the standard python libraries.

If i test my code in a normal python environment, everything works great
- however when I try it out in mod_python i get import errors, and it
does not want to locate my custom modules. What makes it weirder is that
my folder with authentication set up as an apache directive, lets me
import custom modules from the folder, but my regular folder for holding
my scripts wont.

How do I add the current directory to the import search path?
Is this what I should be doing?

I'm trying to take advantage of some code reuse, and it would be great
if somebody has any ideas on what has been a huge annoyance to me.


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