[mod_python] Server Side Printing

S.R.Pardá linux at qbox.es
Sat Aug 12 05:22:55 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I'm considering solutions to print HTML pages served by some Linux OS
with Apache and  Mod_Python.

I am looking a server side approach, that is: I want the server send the
HTML output when required to one of varios network printers installed in
the server.

I have not idea about linux printing , I would need an orientation about
what have to know. 
Are any python module for printing? 
Must I execute some shell command to print inside python? 
Must I generate a PostScript document from the HTML document to print
it ?

More details: 

Web Clients (Windows probably) will print some documents received. But
the documents have diferent formats (size, orientation, duplex option)
so it's desiderable the automatic printer/configuration selection ( that
is: witout a printer selection dialog in IE or Firefox and the default
printer isn't valid for all documents)

As I found in client window Javascript it's not capable of select
printers in client side, I have to investigate with VBscript, and
another possibility would be install an ActiveX control to do that
(restricting possible client options).

So I think the server approach, would be better because it eliminates
printer management in client, and assures the same HTML render
configuration for all printings, independent of client configuration /

Thank You very much.

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