[mod_python] New mod_python/PSP article popped up.

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Thu Aug 3 19:45:06 EDT 2006


A new mod_python/PSP article has popped up at:


The things I have an issue with so far are:

1. It claims that the 'session' and 'form' variables in PSP are "standard
Python dictionaries" when technically they aren't. For most things they may
appear to work the same, but at other times the difference needs to be taken
into consideration.

2. They don't over emphasise enough the dangers of exposing the .psp_
extension for PSP source code. Especially since their own example has the
login and password embedded within the PSP file itself and therefore it
would be exposed if someone didn't turn off PythonDebug.

I also find the following comment amusing as I am sure that lots of people
would disagree:

  There are several application frameworks available for Python currently. They
  are not refined enough to be used in enterprise-grade environments, although
  I recommend you give them a try. Apache with mod_python itself is powerful
  enough to handle most of the development scenarios.

Anyway, though others might find the article interesting to read.


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