[mod_python] libxml2 and libxslt in mod_python

Laflamme Blaise blaise at laflamme.org
Wed Aug 2 20:56:51 EDT 2006

> My questions are:
> * is it possible to access the libxml2, libxslt libraries in  
> mod_python?

Yes. But the API is a bit unpythonic.

> * is there an alternative better way for doing xslt in Python?

lxml - http://codespeak.net/lxml/

> * is there any good Python-based documentation on the use of these
> libraries without recurring to the C description (http:// 
> xmlsoft.org/)?

If you are using lxml it follows the excellent ElementTree API


> * and this may sound heretical on this mailing list: is there a way
> better than mod_python to write web applications with Python?

Better or not... You have the choice! There is a lot of good python  
librairies and frameworks ready to use out there and since most of  
them use the WSGI ref you can benefit a large code base.

Blaise Laflamme
blaise at laflamme.org

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