[mod_python] libxml2 and libxslt in mod_python

Diego Guillen adsldieg at tpg.com.au
Wed Aug 2 20:21:21 EDT 2006

Thanks Graham, for pointing to the answer. 
Yes, I was not restarting Apache. [I didn't consider it necessary,
because normally in PHP5 I don't need to do this]
I'll read what you suggest.
Thanks again,

On Wed, 2006-08-02 at 20:05 -0400, Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> Diego Guillen wrote ..
> > My first impression is that mod_python's error reporting system is not
> > as pleasant to use. I don't seem to get enough feedback when something
> > goes wrong, and the error messages don't seem to point to the right
> > version of the files, nor to the right line numbers.
> > 
> > [It seems that the line numbers are shifted when you use logging, or
> > when a statement spans over several lines]
> Are you making changes to the files while Apache is running and not
> actually restarting Apache?
> If you are, then the line numbers being wrong and other related issues
> may be accounted for by issues related to the module importing system.
> This can result in different Apache child processes having different
> versions of the module loaded and thus depending on which Apache
> child process services the request, you may see reference to line numbers
> within the file from what was actually an old copy of the file rather than
> the most recent. This can be confusing and may give the impression
> that it is shifting things around.
> For a run down on a whole host of issues related to the module
> importing system, read:
>   http://www.dscpl.com.au/articles/modpython-003.html
> Graham

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