[mod_python] Upload Progressbar for site.

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Tue Aug 1 01:12:02 EDT 2006

jadacyrus wrote ..
> Hi, I've got a working upload script on my website using the following
> method:
> fileData = req.form['filename'].file.read()
> and then writing fileData to the disk.
> I was wondering if there is anyway to show an interactive progress bar
> or show how many bytes have been transferred. Anything to get me started
> on the right path towards a solution would be appreciated. I assume 
> there may be more than just python needed to solve this.

I would suggest you go to 'www.modpython.org' and put in the search box
the terms 'upload progress'. This issue has been covered a number of times
before and you can read all the old posts about it in the mailing list archives.

Other similar search terms will probably yield you other posts on same topic
as well.


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