RES: [mod_python] Nest step configuration PSP

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at
Fri Apr 28 19:09:42 EDT 2006

On 29/04/2006, at 4:38 AM, Jorey Bump wrote:

> Alejandro Michelin Salomon ( Adinet ) wrote:
> Yes, but you were misled by the instructions that you quoted. If you 
> want to try psp, "simply" do this:
>  <Directory "D:/webroot">
>     AddHandler mod_python .psp
>     PythonHandler mod_python.psp
>     PythonDebug On
>  </Directory>
>> I can have .py and .psp files configured a the same time ?
> Easily, if you use different Directory containers, but I'll defer to 
> someone else who does this in the same directory, so I don't omit any 
> gotchas. I use Publisher, not psp.

To mix the two, try using:

  <Directory "D:/webroot">
     AddHandler mod_python .psp
     AddHandler mod_python .py
     PythonHandler mod_python.psp | .psp
     PythonHandler mptest | .py
     PythonDebug On

Read the documentation in respect of qualifying extension on 


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