[mod_python] Newbie Question from a newbie - mod_python/Apache 1.3 accessing Python 2.4 libraries

Jorey Bump list at joreybump.com
Thu Apr 27 14:57:55 EDT 2006

It's helpful to others to keep responses on the list. :)

Christian Rougeau wrote:
> Yes, it has apache 2, of course. But we don't use it for in-house stuff,
> presently. 

Sorry, I meant does it have a 3.x version of mod_python to work with its 
apache 2.x? This isn't trivial, so it's possible they only provide a 
2.7.x mod_python RPM, which only works with apache 1.3.x. You can 
uninstall the RPM and compile your own mod_python 3.x against apache 
2.x, but I don't recommend that you attempt to install both versions of 
mod_python (unless RH provides them and has worked some magic to make it 

> Why? 

A tremendous amount of development activity has (and is) going into 
improving mod_python. The dust hasn't settled, but there are some very 
nice features in the newer versions, many of them aimed at newbies. You 
are also likely to get better support here if you run into problems. 
Questions about mod_python 2.7.x have fallen dramatically in the last 
few months, now that older distributions that included it are being 
replaced and development has ceased on that version.

> I have been excessively warned against using Apache 2 when I asked my
> former colleagues, due to the fact that it doesn't play very nice with
> the mod_perl stuff that we have set up on one server. So, I was fine
> with going with apache 1.3 SSL. 

Apache 1.3 is a champ, and beloved by many admins. I've only recently 
upgraded, but I skip to apache 2.2 in most cases. You can easily use 
multiple versions of apache on a single server, especially if you 
compile your own. You might also find that mod_perl has caught up to the 
newer versions of apache.

> However, my thought now is to have both halves of the website on one
> box, with both Apache 2/CF/mod_python on one side (CF b/c that's what
> the site is in currently, and what the daily developer knows, and, hey,
> I know it too.)  

I've read that CF performs dramatically better with apache 2.0, so I 
didn't even consider 1.3 when I set up my CF server.

> and Apache 1.3 SSL/mod_perl enabled residing on the
> same box, different directory. 
> Thoughts on this? 

Apache's so flexible, you can easily do this. You can even proxy 
connections to other instances, if you need to remain within the same 
public-facing host. You can migrate your other apps to the newer apache 
at a comfortable pace, so it's a reasonable plan.

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