[mod_python] PythonAuthzHandler not working

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Mon Apr 24 00:55:55 EDT 2006

Doug Dixon wrote ..
> Must say I agree. Can you be cloned Graham?
> On 24 Apr 2006, at 14:23, Jim Gallacher wrote:
> > Thanks for your help Graham. The mod_python project is *very* lucky 
> > to have you on board.

I'll take that as a vote of confidence that I'm going the right
direction with changes I have been making on mod_python. With this good
will floating around, maybe it is a good time for me to ram through my
latest proposed change in relation to MODPYTHON-128 and I can finally
mark it resolved. (Insert evil maniacal laugh here) :-)

Anyway, thanks again for the support and encouragement. Some times it is
hard for me to know whether I am doing the right thing or not so
feedback is always welcome.


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