[mod_python] Speaking of Output Filters....

Nick nick at dd.revealed.net
Tue Apr 11 09:55:05 EDT 2006

Lee Brown wrote:
> I'm not sure if you can add XSLT extensions in lxml or not - the
> documentation (so far) is mostly a number of examples.  (see
> http://codespeak.net/lxml/api.html).

I did get a chance to finally take a look late last night.  It does indeed
provide a way to hook in Python, which is really the main reason to get
excited about XSLT using Python ;-)

> I was using Pyana for my filters at first, but
> the lack of support for Xinclude and Python 2.4 made me switch.

Indeed, I have seen this, and it was the lack of 2.4 support that caused me
to not give it a second look.

> For what it's worth, Amara/4Suite has the the most comprehensive feature set
> of any of the XML/XSLT processors I've tried but it's main drawback is that
> it is crawlingly slow.  The same filters implemented in Amara/4Suite are
> about ten times slower.

Ditto, it IS painfully slow.  I thought I might have been doing something
wrong, so it's good to hear someone else say it.  I really liked 4Suite, but
it just couldn't handle volume.

Anyway, lxml is definitely the right place for me... thanks for the nice
example of using it in mod_python :)


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