[mod_python] Anyone have an idea when mod_python will be availablefor Apache 2.2

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Mon Apr 10 23:27:18 EDT 2006

On 11/04/2006, at 12:22 PM, Jim Gallacher wrote:

> Graham Dumpleton wrote:
>> jarrod roberson wrote ..
>>> I have a project we are working on that uses mod_python and we  
>>> really need
>>> the new monitor_hook in Apache 2.2 as well.
> monitor_hook?

 From what's new in Apache 2.2.

   Monitor hook added
     Monitor hook enables modules to run regular/scheduled jobs in  
the parent (root) process.

It doesn't sound like something we would want specific mod_python  
for anyway given that it runs in parent process and mod_python doesn't
provide really low level access to Apache API.

I assumed that they wanted to run some other module that used the  
and not that there was any expectation that mod_python would support it
in some way.

>> Now if you are prepared to try using development version of
>> mod_python 3.3 out of subversion repository.
> Apache 2.2 support has been back ported to the repository branches/ 
> 3.2.x. This is the branch that will be used for 3.2.9 so you could  
> also grab that while waiting for the offical release.
> Please note that the changes allow mod_python to work with Apache  
> 2.2 but we have not added any support for 2.2 specific api's.

True, the 3.2.x branch would be a much better idea. My head isn't  
clear today
either. Left work middle of day to go home and rest. :-(

Time to go have a snooze. :-)


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