[mod_python] Speaking of Output Filters....

Nick nick at dd.revealed.net
Mon Apr 10 10:40:28 EDT 2006

Sounds pretty cool... I haven't looked at the library modules you
referenced, but is it possible to create XSLT extension functions in Python
that your stylesheet can reference?


Lee Brown wrote:
> Greetings!
> I am probably remiss for not having shared this before now.  Here are
> two output filters for mod_python that I have developed.
> The first filter, xsltfilter.py, transforms XML into XHTML (or whatever
> else you may desire) via an XSLT template.  The second filter,
> xincludefilter.py, processes xinclude elements imbedded in XHTML.  Both
> are meant as a simple means of providing "quasi-dynamic" web content. 
> Benchmarks on my hardware show throughputs of 100 to 500+ pages per
> second using these filters.
> Dependencies:
> lxml:  an ElemenTree-like binding for the libxml2/libxslt libraries (see
> http://www.codespeak.net/lxml <http://www.codespeak.net/lxml> )

[code and examples deleted]

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