[mod_python] mod_python / memcahced for on-the-fly renderingoflatex in html

Jay jayed at meangrape.com
Sun Apr 9 21:23:49 EDT 2006

On Sun, Apr 09, 2006 at 09:14:53PM -0400, Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> Graham Dumpleton wrote ..
> Hmmm, writing the content length yourself may not work as the following
> article suggests.
>   http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/apachead.htm
> Given that the naming of stuff in that example is much like your code, I
> would hazard to guess though you may have used it as a guide to doing
> your own.

Guide? Rather "stole shamelessly".

> Using the "CONTENT_LENGTH" output filter should work though.

I'll give it a whirl.


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