[mod_python] Best practices for coding in mod_python?

akonsu akonsu at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 16:55:15 EDT 2005

2005/9/16, Steve Bergman <steve at rueb.com>:
> There are a number of things related to my general approach of which I
> am uncertain.  e.g. I'm using publisher.  I think that is the right
> choice, but I'm not sure.  Then there are lots of things involving
judging from its source code, publisher handler is just a wrapper
around your code. all it does is finds your file and invokes a
procedure on it. not much extra functionality. so i would say it is up
to the developer to decide whether it is worthwhile to use it.
> coding techniques and style of which I am uncertain.  e.g. for a funtion
> or method to write something to the browser, the return value has to
> propagate back up to main and get returned from their, right?  Or it
right, just like in any programming code, if the return value is
generated in some internal procedure, it has to be propagated to the
caller and returned from there.
> just occurred to me I might could use req.write()?  But is that a good
> thig to do?  If so, when.
so, returning a string from your procedure to the publisher handler
which then will use req.write to output it versus just using req.write
yourself is a question of how clear you want your code to be. it does
not really matter which method you use. this is similar to a question
of whether your code can generate console output in just one single
place or whether it can be done everywhere in the code.
> It's not so much that I have not found ways to do what I want to do, but
> I'm uncomfortable with my style and technique.
hope this helps...

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