[mod_python] PythonImport: Can someone please draw a diagram for this idiot?

Jim Gallacher jg.lists at sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 14 16:51:44 EDT 2005

Jorey Bump wrote:
> Jorey Bump wrote:
>> jamestmcneill-python at yahoo.co.uk wrote:
>>> 3) From this I can see that the PythonImport directive doesn't seem 
>>> to be
>>> working at all (or at least, in any way I expected it to). It does not
>>> produce a compiled version of the module specified, 
>> This is not unusual. The user that apache runs as must have write 
>> permissions in the directory in order to produce a .pyc file. I'm not 
>> sure what happens under Windows regarding this, but if I want a 
>> compiled version of the module under Linux, I compile it ahead of time 
>> or change the permissions (rarely).
> Having said that, I just tried using the PythonImport statement, and I 
> also see no evidence that it works. I may be using or testing it 
> incorrectly, however.

Same result here. I'm looking at the source code now and will report back.


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