[mod_python] PythonImport: Can someone please draw a diagram forthis idiot?

jamestmcneill-python at yahoo.co.uk jamestmcneill-python at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 14 03:18:42 EDT 2005

I suppose I asked for an RTFM. Gosh it would be great to be as clever as
you. I'm in awe. No really, I mean how could I make such a stupid mistake?
Even the crassest beginner knows better than that.

I'll take the hint and unsubscribe, and leave this list to you clever
people. I hope you're happy together.


--- Lee Brown <administrator at leebrown.org> wrote:

> No, I won't draw you a picture, but I'll give you a push in the right
> direction:  If you were to use
> 	import mpglobals.py
> In any other ordinary python program, in what namespace would you expect
> to
> find the contents of mpglobals?
> Best Regards,
> Lee E. Brown
> (administrator at leebrown.org)

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