[mod_python] publisher handler questions

akonsu akonsu at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 16:26:30 EDT 2005

thank you for your response.

> An underscore will prevent direct access:
>  def _foo():
>      ...

would not this be accessible through http://host/test.py/_foo ?

> > 2. in my .py file (that is invoked through the publisher handler
> > again) i define some global variables. i noticed that these variables
> > are initialised once. is this by design or just a coincidence? can i
> > rely on this behaviour?
> It depends. A database or other persistent storage mechanism may be more
> reliable.

i am not talking about saving user data that should go in to sessions
in global variables. i need a list of files in a particular directory,
and i am trying to avoid building this list on every single http
request. what is the right strategy for handling something like this?

thank you in advance

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