[mod_python] Persistent web-service

Jon-Pierre Gentil jgentil at sebistar.net
Mon Sep 12 11:37:10 EDT 2005

On Monday 12 September 2005 09:31 am, Doru-Catalin Togea wrote:

> To put it another way, I need a CORBA-like server, only based on
> Apache. In a CORBA implementation, the server keeps running and serves
> requests from clients as they arrive, without losing state between
> calls.

Hmm, this is tricky.  Your only bet would be to either:

1.  Create a separate server that mod_python only acts as a proxy for.  
This is probably the best solution.  mod_python and apache in general is 
fairly stateless.

2.  Create a pseudo-persistance layer using pickles.  Each request grabs 
the latest persistances object and unpickles it, does operations on it, 
then repickles it.  Locking issues would be a huge problem here as well 
as terrible system performance.

I always use Twisted when I need a persistant app server, personally.  But 
that is not always an option if you're in a system that requires use of 


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