[mod_python] apachectl restart == dead mod_python

The Doctor What list.mod_python at docwhat.gerf.org
Thu Sep 8 21:43:49 EDT 2005


I have apache2 2.0.54, mod_python 3.1.3, python 2.3.5 (Debian

I can start up apache2 and the mod_python pages work fine. 

However, if I then do apachectl restart, the mod_python pages hang
forever.  Frozen.  Eventually I get a timeout message in my browser.
The apache children do not die readily and require extra time to
clean up. :-(

I full stop/start works everytime but in not a desirable solution
for a live server with multiple domains.  In addition, I'd have to
change all the log rotation stuff, etc.

I particularly interested in TRAC, but it seems to be a generic
problem. I want to get PSE on my server, too.

Is there some option I'm not including or something?

Thank You!


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