[mod_python] Re: error message when mutexes cannot be created

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Mon Oct 24 02:37:03 EDT 2005

Chris Mattmann wrote:

> Hi David,
> I stumbled upon your posting at: 
> http://www.modpython.org/pipermail/mod_python/2004-May/015613.html 
> regarding having trouble starting HTTPD with mod python and the mutexs 
> issue. You mentioned that you wrote a script that dealt with this. Did 
> this issue ever get resolved? I’m experiencing the same trouble now 
> myself. Can you help me out?
> Thanks,
> Chris
Hi Chris

Generally it is best to post questions like this to the mailing list, so 
I'm cc-ing that.
Here's the section of the script (in the service script, in the stop 
section, below the code that actually kills the proecss).
removeipcs=`ipcs -s -c | grep apache | cut -d ' ' -f 1`
numipcs=`echo $removeipcs | wc -w`
if [[ $numipcs != 0 ]]
echo -n $"and removing $numipcs ipcs: "
echo $removeipcs | xargs -n 1 ipcrm -s
sleep 1

On Linux 2.4 you need to do "ipcrm sem" instead of "ipcrm -s"

Hope that helps - it may be worthwhile discussing this further on the 
list anyway, to work out why this is happening...


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