[mod_python] Updating the URL after a redirect

Jim Gallacher jg.lists at sympatico.ca
Thu Oct 20 13:38:44 EDT 2005

Juan Carlos wrote:
> Hello everybody, I'm trying to redirect to a page inside my site with
> the internal_redirect method of the request. It redirects well but it
> doesn't update the URL at the browser, so for example if i save a record
> in a CRUD application and after saving it i redirect to the detail page,
> the browser remains with the save URL.
> any suggestions?

Don't use internal_redirect. It only changes the url apache uses for 
processing the request and the browser will not be aware of this change. 
The only way to do it is to send the browser a response with a 3xx (eg 
302) status code. Of course this means that the browser will need to 
perform an additional GET or POST.


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