[mod_python] Session ID not retained

Jim Gallacher jg.lists at sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 19 15:21:59 EDT 2005

Arnar Birgisson wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've found the reason for this myself, just wanted to post it to the list if someone hits the same error in the future.
> Upgrading MySQL for some reason shortened varchar(32) columns (used for the sid) to varchar(21). Apparently, this is normal when upgrading from 3.x to 4.1 since the upgrade procedure changes the internal encoding of tables from latin1 to UTF-8. However, I'm not sure what version I was running of MySQL prior to my kernel upgrade, but it was definately 4.x. After the upgrade I have 4.1.14.
> Obviously, since SIDs are 32 characters long (as are other hex-coded md5 sums) no rows were being returned.
> Sorry if anyone wasted their time over this.

Glad you got it resolved. I was certainly puzzled which was bothering me 
because I thought I had a pretty good idea of how session handling works.


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