[mod_python] Smart Card and mod_python and browser pluggins

Philippe C. Martin pmartin at snakecard.com
Wed Oct 19 11:21:32 EDT 2005

On Wednesday 19 October 2005 02:43 pm, Nicolas Lehuen wrote:
> Then, you can go the plugin way but it's even more difficult than the
> applet way. All the more if you want to be multi-browser (as I've
> understood since you wrote about IE and Firefox) and multi-platform. You'll
> have to learn two different plugin APIs, learn COM and ATL, master the
> delicate art of C/C++ multi-platform programming, etc. etc.
I think I already do (too proud :-), but the main issue is that I start from 
an existing cross-platform application.

My big weakness here is how a client can exchange data with a server: I have 
two applications running (already) on both sides and I need to bridge them.

I'm not even worried about the plugins once that's done, there's a mozilla 
book out there as MSDN.



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