[mod_python] Smart Card and mod_python and browser pluggins

Philippe C. Martin pmartin at snakecard.com
Tue Oct 18 23:03:09 EDT 2005


I have "disabled"  the xml feature for now to go on with my study.

I can talk to my smart card on the server side and get the information on the 

On the browser side, I will, most likely, need to write browsers pluggins as 
it seem the only way (besides stuff like activeX which does not cover all the 
necessary platforms :-) to get access to a hardware device from the browser.

The current authentication mechanism my cards use requires that data go back 
and forth a couple of times between the server (master/mother card) and the 
client (child card).

Also the data exchanged, if possible, must not appear on the display. So I 
need some type of handler that'll allow that "back and forth/hidden 

My current assumption is that the two pluggins I will attack: firefox/mozilla 
and I/E will give me access to Javascript to discuss with mod_python.

I know a _little_ about Javascript and it always has to do with writing and 
reading HTML tags (I'm not even sure that's the correct term)

Is there some common mechanism avaialbe ?

Is one of the solution to put the data on the page (maybe hidden tags ?). 
Still there is a need for some type of synchronization between both world.

I hope my questions make sense.

Thanks and regards,



Philippe C. Martin
SnakeCard, LLC
+1 405 694 8098

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