[mod_python] The DOs and DONTs of mod_python: second problem maybecornered.

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Tue Oct 18 20:35:54 EDT 2005

Philippe C. Martin wrote ..
> Hi,
> If any of you wish to look at this: this code works in command line, and
> crashes with apache. Something I'm doing is really anoying minidom.
> you can fetch the xml file responsible at: www.snakecard.com/mod_python
> Any help is greatly appreciated.

I you are using a module which does XML processing and it is literally
crashing, look at what version of the expat libraries that are installed
on your system.

A problem that can occur is that Python embeds a version of expat within
its pyexpat module. If an incompatible version of expat is also linked
in as a shared library, a crash generally occurs.

To determine the version of expat embedded in Python, do from a command
line run Python:

>>> import pyexpat
>>> pyexpat.version_info
(1, 95, 6)

Ensure that the version of any expat shared library is at least newer
than that embedded into Python, or the same version if possible.


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